What is Biltong

Biltong is a cured and air-dried beef delicacy, made similarly to a prosciutto.

Biltong originated in South Africa and I love it!!

Translated from Dutch, Biltong literally means “strips of beef”.

Biltong was first made by the Dutch settlers in South Africa in the 17th century as a way of preserving fresh meat in the harsh conditions of those times. Meat got cut into strips, packed in salt and salpeter for an extend period of time to cure and then hung up to dry. The best results were achieved in winter when the air was cold and dry.

Biltong has since evolved into a delicacy. Over the ensuing years, biltong enthusiasts started to add different ingredients such as brown sugar, pepper and coriander to suit individual tastes and preferences. Biltong has arguably become the most popular savoury snack in Southern Africa (and with many other countries soon to be added!)

Our Biltong is a great “ready to eat” snack solution and is perfect for hiking trips, picnics, cheese platters, kid’s lunch boxes and of course, an accompaniment to watching your favourite footy team.

Our Biltong is the perfect High Protein, Low Fat, Preservative Free snack!

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